Sony 300-Watt Wireless Subwoofer SA-SW5

Powering our Home Theatre System and soundbar with deeper bass, the SA-SW5 wireless subwoofer immerses you even further into movies... Powering our Home Theatre System and soundbar with deeper bass, the SA-SW5 wireless subwoofer immerses you even further into movies and music. Feel how real entertainment becomes with clear, thumping bass and subtle low-frequency sounds. View more

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Deep, explosive bass (300W)
With 300 W of deep bass sound from a powerful 180 mm driver and passive radiator, this subwoofer boosts the impact of everything you watch and listen to. Enjoy booming explosions and the deepest beats you’ve ever heard without distortion. You’ll also hear clearer voices and extra fidelity for truly authentic soundtracks.
Deep, explosive bass (300W)
SA-SW5 - Omnidirectional Block Design
Sony's Home Theatre System, soundbar and optional speakers have been designed under a common Omnidirectional Block concept. The design of the SA-SW5 is a perfect match for these systems. Its sophisticated rounded edges represent a single solid block providing wide-spreading sound. The combination of rich material textures emphasizes an affinity with any living room environment.
SA-SW5 - Omnidirectional Block Design
SA-SW5 - See the technology inside
With leading-edge audio technologies including S Magnetic Circuit and Separated Notch Edge, the SA-SW5 powers your entertainment with deep, rich bass and clear low-frequency sound.
SA-SW5 - See the technology inside
Technologies for premium sound quality
Sony’s proprietary technology, the S (Sigma) Magnetic Circuit enables deep, powerful bass by maximizing the magnetic force that drives the voice coil. By contrast, conventionally shaped circuits let much of this magnetic force leak away.
Technologies for premium sound quality
Separated Notch Edge
Another Sony proprietary technology, Separated Notch Edge improves vertical amplitude symmetry, an essential for clear sound quality. It achieves this using concentric cuts on the edge, which help to control the stress inside and outside the edge of the diaphragm.
Separated Notch Edge
SA-SW5 - Easy to set up
Simply power up the SA-SW5 subwoofer and it automatically makes a wireless connection with your Home Theatre System or soundbar. It’s quick and easy with no need for messy cables.
SA-SW5 - Easy to set up
Speaker Type
Power Handling
300 W
Additional Information
• 300 W of rich, powerful bass from a 180 mm driver
• Passive radiator for stronger bass without wind noise
• ? Magnetic Circuit for deep, clear bass with less distortion
• Wireless connectivity for easy setup
• Digital Amplifier, S-Master
• Amplifier Channels: 1ch
• Power Consumption: 43W
10.91 inch(es) / 27.7 cm
16.1 inch(es) / 40.9 cm
16.61 inch(es) / 42.2 cm
13 kg (each)

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